Webhook to fast for google sheet

I am using a simple webhook to collect data and paste it to a google sheet.
Hassle is the webhook collects all the data (what would be multiple rows in the google sheet) at once and pushes it to the google sheet all in one go.

This seems to either cause rows to be over written or they don’t write at all.

How can I slow things down so the webhook passes one “row” of data at a time and gives the google sheet time to insert it?

Hey @Robm, this came up a few days ago and unfortunately seems to be simply the way Google Sheets works meaning it’s unsuitable for (near) real time use cases like yours.

Maybe you can simply fetch the data in short intervals (e.g. every minute) instead of using a webhook trigger?

Alternatively, you could also consider using a more suitable database to store the data received by your webhook node. In the linked thread PostgreSQL was working fine.

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Fetching seems to work well. Thanks for the suggestion @MutedJam

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