Webhook trigger with HEAD request

Hi, I’m trying to connect Thrivecart with n8n using webhooks. I tried with a simple webhook and it doesn’t work. I reached Thrivecart support and they said:

“Your webhook URL needs to return a 2XX response for both a POST and HEAD request.
Please ensure the URL returns the expected response for the HEAD request too”

I don’t know how to do it with the webhook node, can anyone help me? Thank you so much :wink:

Hey @Aleix_Iglesias!

We didn’t have support for this till now, but we have added it. It will be released in the next version :slightly_smiling_face:

There is also a temporary fix. Click on the gears icon next to the HTTP Request Method and select ‘Add Expression’. Enter HEAD in the Expression Editor.


Yeah, thank you. I put 2 webhook nodes and it seems thrivecart recieves it perfectly. Thank you :wink:

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Version [email protected] with official support for HEAD just got released.