Webhook triggers with gzip does not work in version 1.4.1

I’m currently using webhooks to receive responses from some APIs.
The APIs work in HTTP POST method and they return JSON compressed in Gzip as response.

The last week I’ve updated N8N to 1.4.1, which is the latest version for docker, and the API no longer works today.
The error that server returns is (I can see this error into the API backend);
{"code":422,"message":"Failed to parse request body","hint":"Unexpected token \u001f in JSON at position 0"}"}

N8N seems to read the response as JSON, instead of Gzip.

The problem is that no execution is performed, so no workaround is possible.

I had to downgrade to 1.1.10 so that everything would work again.

Information on your n8n setup

  • **n8n version: 1.4.1 (latest) Running n8n via Docker,
  • **Operating system: Ubuntu

Hi @Mino_Bedin, I am very sorry you are having trouble.

I just gave this a go on a local n8n instance running [email protected]. via docker and using the below webhook node:

I was the sending a gzipped JSON file like so:

curl --request POST \
  --url http://localhost:5678/webhook-test/1c04b027-39d2-491a-a9c6-194289fe400c \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/gzip' \
  --data H4sICCot92QAA3Rlc3QuanNvbgCr5lIAAqXcSt/U4uLE9FQlKwWltPx8Ja5aLgDTqOvxGwAAAA==

The data arrives as expected in n8n:

Perhaps you can share your webhook node and also the exact request you are sending to n8n causing the problem you have reported?