Webhook URLs where to configure?

I installed on a virtual server and cannot catch webhook from another service. I understand that you need to send to this URL. But this URL is not related to my server where n8n is installed. How to change this URL?
n8n.io - Workflow Automation - Google Chrome 2020-1

The specific thing to change that URL would be the environment variable WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL:

To however have n8n run properly and securely you should follow this guide or at least set everything up the same way:

Another thing about webhooks. You have to make sure that your workflow is saved. As long as the workflow is not saved webhooks do not work as the workflow-id is part of the webhook URL.

Thanks! Yes I understand. Now I’ll try to configure, I’ll give an answer a little later.

And where on the server do you need to configure this? Could not find.

It is a simple environment variable. That will be different depending on your system and how you did set up n8n.