Webhooks & Jivochat

Hello guys, i tried to do a webhook beween n8n and jivochat. both platfroms have the webhook tools.

in jivochat there’s field to send the webhooks i tested it work with other automation tool:

But in n8n i tried to use my desktop version in RDP. and the webhook authentication does not work.
When i visit the webhook using “Browser” it works. but using Jivochat it does not work.
i tried many times, end with fail. so i posted here maybe i do something wrong

Jivochat webhook API: JivoChat Developers API
#2: JivoSite Chat API

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community @anas


What do you mean with the webhook authentication?

Are you executing the workflow before triggering the Jivochat event that triggers the webhook call?

1 RDP: I installed the n8n desktop version on Windows Server (Remote Desktop Protocol)

2 Webhook auth: I will provide Video showing my problem…

3 I’m trying to made BOT for replying people inside jivochat channels using the chat webhook.