Webhooks stopped working after update to n8n 1.29.1

Yesterday I updated n8n from 1.3.1 to 1.29.1 in the n8n cloud version and:

My several webhooks (which have sucessfully been running for many weeks) stopped working.

Doublechecking with curl -X POST returned the following message:

“The requested webhook "POST xxxx" is not registered.”

I did not touch my workflows. The workflows are active. They listen for a POST (not GET). And I post to the production URL as well. And they worked all the time. The only thing I did, was running the update using n8n.cloud.

I could fix the issue by disabling each affected workflow and enabling it again.

@Jesko Can you please restart your cloud instance from the admin panel, and if you see this issue again?

Also, can you please DM me your cloud account name?
That way we can check the logs for if this happens again, and try to fix this ASAP.

In my case, I had a NODE with a Pinned Blob with more than 10 megas