Webhooks via the Desktop app

Just wondering, do webhooks via the Desktop app go through the n8ncloud server?

If yes, is any data stored?
If not, how does that work?

I use the desktop app mostly for testing and I am just trying to understand the setup of the desktop app to understand it better.

Hey @David_Go,

The answer would be… kind of. So n8n desktop uses local tunnel which opens an outbound connection to a broker service that listens for connections and routes them down the tunnel your desktop instance opens.

Because it needs some kind of domain to use to make it available it easier to do it from a domain we control rather than the normal localtunnel.me domain.

You can find out more about Local Tunnel on the project page here: GitHub - localtunnel/localtunnel: expose yourself

As for logging I suspect there will be some kind of anonymous data for connections so maybe an ID and a date / time but no request body information, @sirdavidoff may have more information on that side of things.


hmmm ok cool, that is sort of what I thought was happening : )
Still, amazing that n8n set up this desktop app, and it simply works!

I was impressed with it when it was released as well, It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for but it is a solid base and it provides a fantastic way to get started with making workflows or even use your desktop as a dev environment before exporting the workflow and pushing to a production instance to run.

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I have a few other ideas I can use the app for.

  • Drafting out workflows
  • I really like using it when I want to take a screenshot for another member in the n8n community (this way I don’t fill up my server with demo flows : )
  • I was even thinking of using the program for one time big heavy flows I want to test out. So I would not need to upgrade my n8n server but still have a VERY powerful n8n flow that runs on my PC when needed (I can even have my server flow execute a flow that runs on my PC app : )
  • Thinking over other cool use-cases : )

My Pi that I still use for my personal projects is full of demo flows, Splitting it up and using desktop for examples / community is a great idea.

I set up a cheap Nuc that I got off eBay to run n8n in worker / queue mode and I have not yet put anything on it but the plan is to use that for my main workflows and retire the Pi for a bit so I may use Desktop for community stuff although it is a couple of versions behind.

I was thinking of a Pi, but I feel like I rather jump over a cheap Nuc since it will hopefully be able to take on much more works than the Pi :slight_smile:

Are you going to be installing Windows on the Nuc?

I put Ubuntu server on it, Other than my Xbox I don’t have anything that runs Windows :smiley:

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