What are n8n's benefits? We'd love to hear your opinion!

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We’d like to get a better understanding of how you think about n8n, it’s benefits and values. Having a good understanding of this allows us to communicate the product more effectively AND improve n8n since we’ll have a better handle on what is important to you. We’re also working on a rebrand of n8n, so your feedback will be immensely helpful in doing that well.

If you have 1-2 spare mins, please fill out the survey :point_right: n8n positioning survey

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btw, Here is one answer which is worth mentioning.

n8n is the best automation tool I found in my life. After that, I stopped searching for any other tools. To be honest. n8n isn’t just an automation tool. I would say, This can be the heart of your product or any SaaS tool. n8n lets me build anything complex which other automation tools in the market can’t do. n8n is handling everything from Sales to Support in my product. I stopped caring about sending the data around different tools to achieve something. Because I can push the data into n8n via webhook and do whatever the f I want. You guys didn’t create an automation tool. You created god.

Thanks to n8n team :heart:


Here’s my version):

The n8n takes the “background” stress off me when designing, manufacturing, debugging and improving processes in a product. I focus on product tasks, and n8n as a reliable friend, colleague, business partner and just an interesting entity), which is ready to work 24/7.