What does this error dropbox mean: access_error / is_folder / ..?

what does this error dropbox mean: access_error / is_folder / … ?


Hey Max,
it would be great if you can provide more information.

  • What is your http request url (can’t see it in the screenshot)
  • Sharing your actual workflow in addition to a screenshot

I am guessing you are trying to call /unshare_file and dropbox responds with a 409 error access_error/is_folder. This might suggest that the file id you are sending is actually a folder id. This is just a guess, I have no experience using the dropbox api.

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This is my scenario. Generally, I want to run the / unshare_file module, and then run the / create_shared_link_with_settings module (the one that is temporarily disconnected) without any problems. Overall, my point is to get the file links on the dropbox without any problems. The list of these files is taken from the google sheet. File links are only to be made to files with appropriate dates.