What happens to wait when the server goes down?

Guys, I had a doubt here, if a workflow on the n8n is in Wait (example: wait 30 days), and I need to update the n8n or the server goes down, is this flow lost? or does he recover?

That is totally fine. If the wait time is longer than 65 seconds, it saves the execution to the database and loads it again when the wait is over. Meaning restarting or updating n8n is no problem.

I hope that is helpful!


This question has also been going through my mind also and I was going to setup a test to see if this also is the same for ‘Waiting Webhooks’, as my question was going to be:

If a ‘wait for webhook’ has a response time limit of 2 days, and an upgrade or restart of n8n occurred 23 hours into the wait, would the waiting webhook still be available for the remaining 24 hours and 59 minutes after the restart, and then carry on the flow actions if a response or timeout is reached after the restart.


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For anyone interested in the answer to my question is:
Yes - Webhook waits restart and carry on waiting after the n8n ‘restart’ - So All good on N8N Version: 221.2
Sorry for the late response as I had some mis-matches earlier between the timezone on the n8n instance and the postgres db - I was getting some strangeness with webhooks appearing to timeout quickly before the set minutes.

The detail:
Visually the execution ‘Webhook Wait’ still waits after the restart, my test flow scheduled a check every minute, and so it’s easy to see from below that I left my n8n instance down for approx 19 mins


Before the n8n down time, I had the executions screen displayed and so I received these ‘Problem loading data’ during the down time, as expected.

And after the n8n instance was started the ‘Problem’ messages disappeared and was again left with the expected ‘This execution hasn’t finished yet’

After which the webhook still responded/reached its set timeout response limit of 30 minutes and then continued the flow to the finish, though I probably need to understand / figure out the ‘Succeed in 3.287s’ - I’m guessing that’s movement time in the flow and not elapsed time inclusive of ‘waiting on webhook response’



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