What is my IP for a n8n hosted instance?

Hello to all n8ners out there,

What is my IP for an n8n-hosted instance?
Where can I find it in the Dashboard?

Thanks for your help
n8n beginner

Hi @Flowfinder (I can’t believe we didn’t take that username ourselves :wink:), welcome to the community :tada:

The IPs used by n8n cloud four outgoing traffic are currently and

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Yes, how good is that? I was really surprised that n8n was available for the user.
Lucky me :hugs:
Thanks, ill try these IPs

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Just keep in mind that these can change without notice (it doesn’t happen very often, but there is a theoretical chance). You can always double-check the external IP of an n8n instance (not just cloud) by running a workflow calling ipify (or a similar service) like so: