What is the API and payload for user create first time(super user) in N8N?

Hi N8N Team,
For integrating N8N in our product, I need to know the API, methods and corresponding payload for creating super user in N8N. I can’t able to get the superuser creation page after deleting superuser in my user table ,it was directly going to the login page ,so can’t able to inspect the page and get the API. Help me in getting the superuser creation API and how to get the user creation page in frontend after deleting superuser in user table.


Hi @praveen, I am afraid you can only use the API after creating your first user account and generating the API key through the UI.

If you’d like to hack your way around the undocumented and unsupported API used by the UI and keep all requests made by the UI, you’d want to enable the Preserve log option in your browser (or similar, depending on which browser exactly you use):