What is the Maximum Timeout for Cloud, 3 minutes or unlimited?

Hi, I am currently making a solution that requires scalability, due to the nature of the work and the amount of data involved, I had to split the data into batches, after that I had to split it into multiple workflows.

Some of these workflows require fetching the data from external APIs, using pagination and batch processing. However, in order to avoid the rate limitations and failures I have to add delays and other nodes that require additional working time.

My major concern is, that at times the workflows can run up to an hour, while other times they might fail immediately, due to a memory heap issue or other errors.

I tried setting up a timeout on the cloud, but it seems like I am only allowed to set a timeout for a maximum of 3 minutes. So even if I try and set a workflow to run after every three minutes, the total monthly execution can go as high as 14400, which can be costly.

Is there a way to understand how much time it takes for the workflow to timeout/how much memory can one workflow hold before timing out or failing?

I can not find a way to change ENV_VARIABLES on cloud.

Hi @Ashar_Shaikh, welcome to the community!

The maximum timeout is 3 minutes for the Start plan, 5 minutes for the Pro plan and 10 minutes for the Power plan. This means that n8n cloud is unfortunately not suitable for workflows that run for up to an hour, as in your case.

So you’d probably want to look at n8n hosting yourself here.

Edit 18 Dec 2023: The timeout values have changed since this was posted. They’re now 5 mins on the Starter plan and 40 mins on the Pro plans. You can also find this information on our pricing page which will be updated when things change:

Thanks so much to @Giovanni_Segar for pointing this out!


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