What is the type supposed to be for header auth?

I’m trying to setup a webhook trigger with auth and have created some header auth credentials. I then moved everything over to the “access” side so it should have perms to do anything. When I try to hit the webhook test endpoint with the auth disabled, it works fine.

The thing I can’t figure out is what the type is supposed to be for the auth header. Usually its “Bearer” from my experience but that didn’t seem to work here so I’m hoping someone else knows what the type is supposed to be here. My header format is listed below:

Key: Authorization, Value: Bearer test:pass

Can’t include this in the original post since im a new user:

@samr28 welcome to the community.

If you have to send the credentials in the headers as Authorization: Bearer test:pass your Header Credentials should look as follow:

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That worked, thanks!

Might be worth adding this mapping to Webhook | Docs or somewhere else in the docs. I searched for a long time haha