What prevents N8N from having similar triggers like Zapier?

I have been using N8N for a long while now. Very hard to find something I do not like or have troubles with.

The biggest hurdle I have at work, are triggers. I am working on transferring over several automations from Zapier over to N8N. Many are triggered based on external variables, such as when a new post is made on Wordpress do blank.

For somethings I have found word arounds. Like using webhooks or scanning email notifications. However that adds a entirely new level of complexity.

Not a deal breaker, but curious what Zapier does that N8N does not in situations like this.

Hey @n1isaac,

We can pretty do much do the same things so we have 2 main types of Trigger nodes… Webhooks and Polling. A Webhook based workflow does exactly what you think it would do, It creates a webhook in the service you are using and the service will send data to that webhook which triggers the workflow.

Then we have Polling, A polling workflow works on a schedule and will check for anything new and use the timestamp or other identifier depending on what the API has available to work out if it is different since the last run.

In the case of Wordpress I suspect it has not been asked for that much so we have just not made it.


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