What type of node is a "log pull node"?

hi all, I am writing a second kind of node now, which pulls logs from a backend service.

my current idea is:

  • let the node be triggered from a “cron” trigger node
  • then load logs from the backend system
  • forward the logs one-by-one downstream

now, what kind of node is this? “transform” seems wrong, “trigger” as well.

and if I would “make” this a trigger node which pulls every n minutes, how would I write such a node? any examples?


Probably you can send logs to a queue and receive them by any of next available services triggers in n8n:

  • amazon sns
  • amqp
  • mqtt
  • rabbitmq

Otherwise, you can try to create a webhook and send text logs to this endpoint.

Hope this helps.

yes, maybe. unfortunately I still don’t know which kind of node that is then :slight_smile: .

(and I want to avoid queues … that would be an external dependency which I kinda can do without)

Perhaps you can try to send logs to webhook in n8n.

It’s the faster way to test your log sender and I have used in several simple use cases :slight_smile:

For me it actually sounds like a trigger node as it triggers a workflow to run. The only difference is that it uses polling to do so. We already have a few nodes in n8n which work like that.

Here two examples:

For reference:

@jan would be my impression as well, thanks for the links :slight_smile: