What URL do I use to POST to Nextcloud instance

I am attempting to create a new card in Nextcloud and need to know the URL to post to!

url n8n

The URL structure I am using is: https://my.account/apps/index.php/deck/#/board/6/stack/14/cards

I am using OAuth2 credentials and when I execute the node it shows as a success but nothing is reaching Nextcloud that I can see.

Help would be appreciated.

Hi @Mark_Ridgeon, welcome to the community :tada:

Figuring out the correct URL sounds more of a question for the Nextcloud community to be honest (or for the developer of the app inside Nextcloud you’re using). Afaik Nextcloud uses WebDAV which includes request methods not supported by n8n’s HTTP Request node (such as PROPFIND).

Other methods used by Nextcloud (such as the HTTP standard methods GET or POST) are supported and from playing around a bit URLs such as https://nextcloud.hostname.local/remote.php/dav/files/thomas/Media/Photos/Profile%20Pictures/cartoon_white_background_1024.png (where thomas is the username and /Media/Photos/Profile%20Pictures/cartoon_white_background_1024.png the path to a file) are working for me:

So you might want to try the above URL structure.

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