What's the max time of workflow execution?

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I hope you can give me a hand with this question.

What’s the maximum time of execution of a workflow?

Here is some context.

My workflow starts by reading a huge Google Sheets file, let’s say it has 50.000 rows.

After that, for each row I’m going to execute an HTTP request using the data gathererd from the sheet.

My HTTP request is limited by a 1 request for 1000 ms. So that, to execute 50.000 requests the workflow will need 50.000 seconds (833 minutes = 14 hours)

Is it possible for n8n to manage this kind of execution time?

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Hi @Lucas_Vargas
According to this section by default EXECUTIONS_TIMEOUT is disabled.

By the way, you also can start a timer, that executes workflow every second.

Thankn you! Does this mean I should not worry about large executions up to 14 hours or so?

If you self-host not.

What you still have to have an eye out is memory consumption as you apparently process a lot of data. So you have to build your workflow in a certain way (parent-workflow that mainly orchestrates and sub-workflow that process the data). If not, n8n will at some point run out of memory and then crash.


Nice to know this self hosted approach. Thanks, I’ll give it redad. Also, my API provider just released a batch request that will help me to manage this large amounts by grouping them.



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