What's the step context of Extract HTML?

In “Extract HTML” can JSON Property refer to a value from 2+ steps ago or does it have to be only the last step? if 2+ what would be the syntax for that?

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Hi @yoventures, you can reference data from earlier nodes using expressions such as {{ $('nodeName').item.json.fieldName }}.

In many cases you would not have to write these yourself but can simply drag and drop the value from the input panel on the left side of your current node.

To do so, first select the node you want to read from in the “Input” dropdown:

Then drag the value into the field you want to use it:

However, the HTML node is different. This expects the name of a field to read from rather than an expression. So you’d have to use an Edit Fields node like shown above just before your HTML node to fetch the data from a previous node if needed and can then simply reference the field created by this Edit Fields node.