When the workflow is waiting for an error in the webhook method in the node, the workflow will continue to execute


I have a doubt,I modified the wait node. After the webhook method of the wait node throws an error, the workflow will still be executed. How to make it end the process when an error occurs?

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When you say you modified the node do you mean you made your own version of it? When you see the error what does it say and do you have the node set to continue on fail?

Thank you for your answer. I imitated the wait node in the custom node, but it will execute after an error occurs in my webhook method. I did not set the error execution. If an error occurs in the execute method, it will terminate process

I saw the executeWebhook method in the code location cli-src-webhookHelpers, which used try/catch to catch the error and fixedly returned “Workflow Webhook Error: Workflow could not be started!”, and then executed the workflow, I don’t know my Is the understanding correct, and there is no way now

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