Where do I enter my Unique ID in the Nathan's workflow exercise in the course?

from french:

Good morning,
when I try to integrate the first step of Nathan’s workflow, I look for the HTTP request in the “node” table, so far no problem, but when I am told to enter my “Unique ID”, I don’t I have no field in the window that opens that allows me to enter it.
So I have several questions:

  • has the course documentation not been updated?
    -Where am I supposed to enter my Unique ID? I manage to enter all the other parameters of the node except this one, and that’s precisely what the workflow blames me for, it can’t run it without it
    (Note that I received the email with Unique ID, I know it, no problem, I just don’t have any field in front of me among the parameters of the HTTP request node that allows me to enter it and I don’t know how to write it by hand - I imagine you can code it but I don’t know how to do it.
    There are many fields called Auth Type in General Credential Type but these are other identification infirmations that must be entered there).
    It’s a bit of a shame to stop the course at the first stage.

Many thanks to anyone who can help me!

Hey @Marylene,

Welcome to the community :100:

Sadly we are only able to offer support here in English, can you translate your post and update it?

from french:

hello @Marylene,

you fill Value with the value of Unique ID that you received in the email “Welcome to the n8n course level1”
it should work and you should see a table of results like on the right of the picture :slight_smile:


I did not translate both posts with Google translate. In the future please post only in English, non English posts should normally be deleted by moderators directly as they cause a very bad experience for our users. The last thing we want to have here is a mix of a lot of different languages, esp. considering that for french there is even a special forum: https://fr.community.n8n.io/


sorry @jan ! I understand, will not happen again. have a good one :slight_smile: