Where I can find an activation key for self-hosted n8n?


I’ve installed self-hosted n8n version and bought an Pro plan, but to activate it in self-hosted version I need to set activation key.

Where can I find the activation key? I don’t see it in app dashboard (n8n.cloud)

Hey @Sergey,

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The Pro plan is for n8n cloud you don’t need to apply a license to it, If you are self hosting there is no pro plan option. There was a Team plan which was removed a while back but now it is just the free community edition or enterprise for self hosted.

Thanks for the answer!

Actually, what we are need is to enable workflow sharing. How does it possible with self-hosted version?

Hey @Sergey,

For workflow sharing on self hosted you would need an enterprise license, Previously the Team license would have allowed this but after some testing we decided to remove that option.

Got it, thanks!

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