Where is the JS/TS API reference documentation?

In this post: Node dev : getNodeParameter usage? - #4 by jan

There is this link: https://docs.n8n.io/reference/data/data-structure.html#data-structure

The link is now dead. What’s the correct link?

Why can’t I find anything in Reference Overview | Docs about the actual functions? For example I would like to see documentation on getNodeParameter. When I go to the definition of this.getNodeParameter I just get a skeleton interface IExecuteFunctions.

Hi @alexmojaki,

Part of what you are after is now here: Key Concepts | Docs which covers the data structure.

Hey @alexmojaki!

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Thank you for bringing this up. @gabriel will update the docs.

In the meantime, @ivov can help you here :slight_smile:

No docs on core functionality other than JSDoc. The implementation for getNodeParameter is in core/src/NodeExecuteFunctions.ts. Go to Symbol leading to a type declaration in a /dist dir of another module is a side effect of this being a lerna monorepo.

That said, for regular node dev, there should be no need to delve into the implementation details.

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