Which simple UI for end-users to fill data and start a workflow?


Happy new year to all of you. I wish the best evolutions for n8n in 2023 :smiley:

I want to integrate n8n as “engine” for small nocode apps I want to create.
I use MariaDB to store data and Nocodb to manage the data.

But I want to create very simple interfaces for my users to fill data before starting a workflow.

What is your advice for a simple way to create and host forms that can create a webhook to start a workflow in n8n ?
And the cool feature would be a simple way to add users management…

I think I am not the only one with this thoughts.


Hey @JulienDelRio,

There are a few options for this one that range from cloud services to clever tricks that you can do within n8n. It would be great to have something that is part of n8n and I have been talking with @maxT a bunch about different ideas for the future around this. Below is a list of a few things you could start with if you wanted to have a look at what is out there, There are of course other things available these are just the first ones I thought of.

Form Providers - Tally, Typeform, Jotform
Databases with Forms - Baserow, Airtable
n8n “powered” - Form Trigger Node (in the community node repo), Webhook nodes to return your HTML
UI Tools - Lowdefy, Bubble, Webflow, Appsmith

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Thanks a lot. I will bookmark your answer.

I will try some solutions and make a feedback for others users.

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I just tried n8n-nodes-form-trigger that’s a VERY VERY good start.
I think i will be able to start a lot of ideas.

Thank you.

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I made it as my internal entry for the node-athon we did last year as I wanted to have a way to start workflows from a form much like what you are doing.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests feel free to pop open an issue on the github repo.

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