White screen when opening n8n

hey, I got the following problem, when I go to the desired url, a white screen opens and nothing else.
an error is thrown in the console

tried to clean local storage session storage, cookies,
disable all browser extensions,
same in other browsers

Hi @George_Parshin, welcome to the community!

I am very sorry you’re having trouble. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this when testing a bunch of different n8n instances just now.

Can you share additional details on what you are doing? How have you deployed your n8n instance and on which URL exactly are you seeing this problem?

hey, @MutedJam, n8n.servermania.com, one of my colleagues deployed a server, everything works for him, he also did test automation, everything works.
one of my observations, maybe this will help solve the problem, after clearing the cache and cookies on the page, using vpn, it turns out to log in.

Hey @George_Parshin,

Looking at the headers you have the site going through cloudflare, Can you disable the caching in cloudflare that normally helps with issues like this.

hey, @Jon, at the moment, we have disabled the cache on cloudflare, while everything is working, we’ll see during the day. Thank you

Hey @Jon,

Thanks for your advice. I switched CloudFlare to “DNS only” mode and seems like it fixed the issue for George. Still, it’s more of a workaround than a solution.

Why it’s not working with CloudFlare? Will it be fixed in upcoming releases?

Hey @f3oall,

Because n8n is fairly dynamic with how it works there is no real benefit to caching it, One of the things we noticed before was that Cloudflare seems to also modify the code when caching which causes issues.

Is caching n8n something that is important to you and what are your expectations from caching it?

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Hey @Jon ,

It’s definitely not a big deal, but it would be nice to provide some fix for this on your side. Honestly, I’m not sure if I can disable caching for the particular subdomain. And the current solution with “DNS only” exposes the IP address.

As far as I know, CloudFlare should respect the headers you use in your requests, so if you experiencing some issues with CloudFlare, maybe you can just alter your headers. Hence, any extra CloudFlare configuration won’t be required and the installation process will be more transparent and simple.

Also while there might be not a big advantage from cashing, there’s definitely a big advantage of using Cloudflare CDN, since our team is allocated in different parts of the world. I’m sure it’s a usual thing in our time.

Thanks for your time!

Hey @f3oall,

Are you using cloudflare tunnels or do you also have a reverse proxy being used? I am not overly clued up on Cloudflare even though I use it myself but I thought there was an option in the settings for cache rules which lets you bypass the cache based on a hostname?

The quick solution for this one would be if you are using a reverse proxy to add the header there and it should sort it out if the cache level setting doesn’t work.

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