WHMCS authentication

I want to authenticate n8n with WHMCS but failed to do so. For example, in the WHMCS docs, it says to use as below. How do I put this in n8n?.

$api_identifier = 'D4j1dKYE3g40VROOPCGyJ9zRwP0ADJIv';
$api_secret = 'F1CKGXRIpylMfsrig3mwwdSdYUdLiFlo';


Thank you!

Hi @bari86, the website you have shared does not specify the full details of the required HTTP Request. Instead it seems to simply set a bunch of variables in the PHP programming language.

Perhaps you can try sending them in a simple POST Request to start with? Something like this (using your own values of course):

This might still lead to an error, but this error is hopefully a bit more verbose than the documentation :slight_smile:

Do we already have WHMCS in n8n?

I remember using other Automator software to connect WHMCS and to connect you need to insert more details, and write an line of code with a secret text that you will choose

Hey @ferreirex,

We don’t have a node with WHMCS but it should be possible to use it with the HTTP Request node.

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Thanks @Jon
Going to take a look in this, if I be able to add on my account I will do a tutorial for everyone, doesn’t look very easy

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