Whoa - migrated fully from Zapier to n8n - Thank you n8n!

A long term Zapier pro plan user and for various reasons (primarily security) wanted to move away from Zapier to a self-hosted solution.
Found n8n and havent looked back.

This week, we essentially shut down Zapier and downgraded to the Free plan.

There was one node that didnt have a n8n equivalent from Wave Accounting.

I want to thank the whole n8n team for an amazing product they have built and executed.

I wish the n8n team continued success and looking forward to more amazing integrations and features built while squashing bugs !!

In the meantime, I am trying to be as helpful to others on this forum as a way of helping out and I keep building workflows everyday.

Thank you !!


Thanks a lot @treyr for the lovely words! This post was shared in our internal company slack and created a lot of positive emoji reactions :slight_smile:

Thank you also for “paying it forward” and helping out in the community too - that’s critical for us to be able to get this awesome “I can automate anything” feeling out to the whole world :clap:

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