Why my file type is change after compression

I use a node compression why is my file type is change

The original file will be Docx.

Can someone explain or help me?

Sorry for my bad English
Thanks to everyone.

Hey @Mr.Chanan_Sopa,

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If you open the files are they actually the docx files or something else?

As a test what do you get if you only compress one file?

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It’s not a docx file, and I don’t know what it changed to

oh and i cannot open all file.

after the test one file it same problem

file type is change

thanks for answering me!

Hey @Mr.Chanan_Sopa,

If you change the extension to docx does it open? Or pop it open in a text editor and see if it is readable or garbage text.

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oh! it can readable after i open in LibreOffice Writer.

but why i can’t it be opened directly? or my LibreOffice Writer is not support this file?

after i open in google drive it can readable same and file type is not change

Hey @Mr.Chanan_Sopa,

Now that is a good question, it could just be something with the filename. I have made a note to look into this on Monday morning.

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Many thanks for your assistance me!.

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Hey @Jon

You’re right, there’s a problem with my filename.

So I added .docx to my file name. and it work!

Thanks you @Jon