Why sometimes I can't copy nodes

This is a very annoying bug. Quite often I can’t copy selected nodes. Page reloading doesn’t help. Even re-opening the tab doesn’t help.

What helps is closing all n8n tabs, opening “all workflows” and loading the workflow. And this bug is with me for 1,5 year as I use n8n.

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Hi there,

This will not be caused my n8n directly I think.
It could be your anti virus or browser blocking it.
Could you give a bit more info on that?

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Well, I have an ad-blocker, I’ll turn it off and will check. Thanks.

So I’d like to bring this topic back. This is the main thing which freaks me out. The Ad-blocker is off
Still sometimes I can copy nodes, sometimes — can’t.
What helps: close all n8n tabs and re-open them. Awful experience.

Windows 10, Chrome.


hi @artildo
thanks for reporting this.
I have a couple of questions to better investigate the problem:

  • you’re talking about “copying” the Nodes, but are you able to select them? Is the problem just related to copy/paste or you can’t even select them?
  • did you notice any common pattern that generates the problem? something that could help us replicate it?
    Thanks in advance for any additional info you will provide

@giulioandreini, thank you for replying

  1. Sometimes I can’t even select them with the box, because can be absent. But this is easily fixing — I simple open/close any node. Usually helps, but may require several times. I kinda got used to this strange box behavior.

I’m talking about copying selected nodes. When I press Ctrl-C, sometimes nothing happens. Refreshing doesn’t help. Even closing the browser often doesn’t help. I have to close all tabs and re-open them.

  1. Unfortunately, no pattern so far. Just on random occasion.
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hi @artildo thanks for your feedback
we created and internal ticket to better identify and solve the problem

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Jus a little bump because I had to close all my workflows to be able to copy. Oh how that annoys.

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The problem is in the Keyboard language. Copying works only in English keyboard mode.


That is confusing. That should not make a difference. It should work no matter which language as long as the letter does match. In this case, a c. Is it possible that with that different language you have to press a different letter because it is at a different location on the keyboard?

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@jan, I use Ctrl-C for any language layout.
My English keyboard layout responds to this command, my Russian (and I expect, any other language) one — doesn’t.

@jan Undo with Ctrl-Z on Canvas also works only on English layout.

I work on Windows 10, Chrome.

Hi @artildo ,
is the problem with the Russin keyboard happening consistently all the time or something that happens on a few occasions?

(I tried the Russian keyboard on my computer and couldn’t replicate it)


@giulioandreini All the time. With the Russian layout on, I can’t use these shortcuts.

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