Why webhook URL changed after restart?

I find that the Webhook URL changed I restart the system, which means that my workflow -> workflow through webhook will be broken…

For Example:

This URL should be customizable? or remain the same after restart.

Also here it is again the sadly again the same problem as you had with the credentials not being able to be decrypted. You do not persist the .n8n folder like described in the docs. If the folder which gets used to persist data does get deleted it is not just a restart it is more like a completely new setup. So the problems you are having are sadly expected.

To solve this problem for you I added the possibility to set the webhook-subdomain via an environment variable. So if you install the latest version of n8n (0.25.0) you will be able to use N8N_TUNNEL_SUBDOMAIN to set the subdomain to be used manually.

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@calpa So does it work now for you?

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It works, thank you for your quick response.

Perfect, great to hear!