Woocommerce Node Update Products Based on Other Fields


Currently you can update woocommerce products based on the productids.

Let’s say we have a scenario that we have a .csv file with products SKUs and Quantities.

We can’t use it to update the woocommerce products based on the SKU. We have to create additional workflows like first getting all products, creating a set node with sku and id, matching the csv sku data with the set node sku, extracting the appropriate ids and then doing an update based on the product ids.

I propose on woocomemrce node at Update operation, to select based on whatever meta_field of the product you want to create an update procedure.

Thank you.

Hey @Mulen,

Do you know of anything else that can update on the SKU? Looking at the WooCommerce API the only option they support is the ID (WooCommerce REST API Documentation - WP REST API v3).

I guess we could maybe write a layer over that so you could use the SKU then fire off a request before the update to get the ID, Not impossible to do which is always handy.

If this is what the community vote for though I am sure this will get added in a future release.

I don’t know the internals of the Woocommerce API but i have worked on many stores that use woocomemrce and whenever they update their stock via an external file, .csv .xml they always use 2 columns or fields. One for the SKU and one for the Quantity and afterwards via custom scripts or plugins they update their stock.

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I suspect they may do an initial lookup first in the scripts, The good news is it is possible which always helps.