Woocommerce Trigger not pulling in data

Hi all, I just finished setting up my n8n instance and creating my first workflow. Apologies in advance if I overlooked something obvious.

I am trying to connect a Woocommerce trigger to a regular Mautic node. The trigger is a Wocommerce ‘customer.created’ event which should create a new contact in Mautic.

I created a few test orders in Woocommerce and executed the node in n8n, but no data was pulled in.

The API’s have been setup for both Woocommerce and Mautic, and I know they work with n8n because when I execute ‘get’ workflows for single Woocommerce and Mautic nodes n8n retrieves the data. Also, when I execute the workflow (Woocommerce Trigger + Mautic), I can see a that a webhook has been created in my Woocommerce dashboard.

What could I have done wrong?

Welcome to the community @day54!

A good start would be to make sure that all executions are saved (successful & error) and then check if an execution got triggered for that event. If not, then the problem must be in WooCommerce (as it did not trigger). If yes, you should be able to see in n8n what the problem was.

Hi Jan,

The problem is with Woocommerce - no executions were recorded. I am sure I have done something wrong with the Woocommerce trigger.

I did create a simple workflow to get all orders from Woocommerce and that worked like a charm:

But the workflow that is initiated with the Woocommerce Trigger is a no go. Would it help if I shared the json for this workflow?

This is the screenshot for the Woocommerce-Mautic workflow:

So just to be sure. You have the workflow activate (not just running it manually)? And then after you did that you see that the webhook got created in WooCommerce and it stays there (as written in first post). And you also have n8n running on your own domain or with tunnel, so the Webhook-URL is not something like http://localhost...?

I turned on the green slider at the top right corner, is there another step I should take to activate the workflow?

2 webhooks were created in Woocommerce for each of the n8n workflows involving Woocommerce triggers - customer.created and customer.updated (this is for another workflow I attempted). Yes n8n is running on my own domain, these are the webhooks in the Woocommerce dashboard:

I just tested it, and it’s working for me. The event takes a bit to be fired, though (that is a WooCommerce/WordPress issue).

Hi Ricardo,

Did you change any of the default settings in the Woocommerce trigger?

I created 3 test customers and 4 test orders, but none of the data was transferred to n8n. The regular Woocommerce node works fine, but none of the triggers I have tried out have. What could the reason be?

The Woocommerce API was set up as per this doc: https://docs.n8n.io/credentials/wooCommerce/#using-access-token. When adding the API credentials in n8n, I entered the credential data and gave node access to both the Woocommerce and Woocommerce Trigger nodes.

Not at all. I created a sandbox using https://wpsandbox.net/ and did not change anything.

If you add a webhook node, grab the test url, execute it and then hit it. Does it work?

Sorry I’m a complete newbie. What do you mean by execute it and hit. I have added a webhook node but am not sure how to proceed

@day54 Check the video below