Wordpress 406 error

Hi community,

I am trying to set up a WordPress connection, but it always gets me the 406 error, when i want to create a post. Can someone help?


Hey @ManyQuestions

Just remove /wp-login from the WordPress URL field.

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That is not working as well.

404 error:


Hey @ManyQuestions

Are you using any security plugin that hides or modifies the WordPress Dashboard access url?

@martinhache No. Plain Wordpress install for testing.

@ManyQuestions Can you check that it returns the following query in the browser in private mode?




@ManyQuestions The API is not accessible on this WordPress installation. That’s why n8n is returning a 4XX error.

Check with your hosting provider how to make the API accessible.


Got some external help. The REST API wasn’t open (fresh WP install). We installed a plugin to open it up. Now it works. Thx alot @martinhache

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