Wordpress Node: Upload Media


I was trying to create posts with an uploaded media, but it isn’t supported.
Basically, new use cases would need to modify Wordpress node to:

  • Upload medias to Wordpress.
  • Create post with the uploaded media.


Hi Miquel, you can use the Http Node this one ist the best Node you can use for everything. I use it for XML RPC or SOAP Resquests as well. You need the work in it, but you can do everything what you want with it.

Here you can have an idea about to use it with the Http Node.


Thanks Stefan.
Yes you are right. I will check it.

But, adding this feature to Wordpress Node would be useful for non techie users :wink:

yes Miquel, i know it. But Jan and his Team has a lot of Work with other things. An Example i have the same thing with Zendesk. Here we use attachments, this can be use in the same way with the Http Node.



Yes I saw.
No problem, I feel confortable fighting in code mode :wink:

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