Workflow executes once and stops

Hey ,
When i try to use active mode (with ngrok) to listen for a webhook trigger , Its not working . It Says listening for webhook call and it stops after a minute . While i get the reponse from the webhook api that workflow has started .
And Why does the workflow not run continously , instead it just runs for once .
Thanks .

It should actually stop after 2 minutes.

Starting workflows from the Editor-UI is meant for testing and development. So if you press “Execute Workflow” it creates a test-webhook that is active for 2 minutes. If it does get called it displays the data in the UI and removes the webhook again. If it does not get called it gets removed after 2 minutes.

To have a permanently active webhook the workflow has to be set as “active” which can be done via the switch on the top right corner. It then creates the production webhook (which has a different URL than the test-webhook) and that webhook stays “active” as long as the webhook is set to “active”.

I activated the workflow by clicking on the active button and then when i hit the production webhook url (which immediately gives the response that “workflow has started”). It just says “waiting for webhook call” and doesn’t execute any blocks .

Yes because there are two different webhooks like described above.

The “Test-Webhook” is for development and testing (only active for 2 minutes after “Execute Workflow” got pressed). If you call that one it displays you the data in the UI once it got called and you can so create and test your workflow.

Then there is the “Production-Webhook” (which is only active when the workflow got activated). If you call that one it executes the workflow and simply does what it is supposed to do. It will not display you anything in the Editor-UI. It simply runs in the background and does its thing.

With that setup, it is possible that you have your Production-Webhook running and doing its thing but still test changes with the Test-Webhook. And only after you are happy with the changes would you save it and so also change the behavior of the Production-Webhook.