Workflow Execution Completed


Is there any way to identify when a workflow has completed executing?

I have 2 workflows, one for creating customers and the other for creating invoices to an accounting package from an ERP system and I need to create the customers before I can create the invoices.

I want to execute the invoice creation workflow on completion of the customer creation workflow, which is executed using CRON every 5 minutes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. n8n is absolutely amazing! :clap:

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Hi @Suratwala

Yes, You can easily achieve that using Execute Workflow Node

  • The Execute Workflow Node requires the ID of the Workflow which you can get from the URL.

Here is an example with the Below Image.

  1. Let’s say I’m getting a data and inserting it into MySQL Node (create the customers, Workflow ID: 01)
  2. Once done, I’ll pass that data into the Execute Workflow Node
  3. Now create New Workflow, It’ll have steps for Invoice Creation (Workflow ID: 02 for example)
  4. Now in the First Workflow (create the customers). Inside the Execute Workflow Node Settings. I’ll give 02 as my Workflow ID (Which is the Invoice creation workflow ID)


Now the Invoice creation workflow (ID:02) will be executed after the Customer Creation (ID: 01) workflow.

Hope it helps!

Hi @mcnaveen,

Thank you for your quick response.

I think I oversimplified my workflow :slightly_smiling_face:.

The execute workflow node is what I intent to use but the issue is, in fact I have 4 sub workflows in my main workflow: create customer, update customer, create supplier and update supplier. Sometimes there is nothing to create or update in any sub workflow so it never gets to the end to the execute workflow node and each of the sub workflows run in parallel so could finish in any order but I only want the execute workflow node to run after all four sub works have finished running.

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Then, You can use Webook Node for that.

At whatever end of the Workflow, Hook the HTTP Request node which triggers the Webhook Node in the Invoice Workflow.

I think this might work for your use case.

Hi @mcnaveen,

Thanks for your assistance.

In my case, I found a better way of doing this would be to add the execute workflow node to the beginning of the invoice workflow to run the customer/supplier update workflow first.


Awesome. Enjoy