Workflow/Execution management node?

Hi, is there a node/method to implement Workflow/Execution management?

By that i mean, a node/method which can provide all the details regarding the timing & successful/failed execution of a workflow. This node can then be attached at the last of every workflow (or, in a special workflow, like the ‘error workflow’, to be run after every workflow execution) and the info returned by it can then be sent somewhere (google sheets/slack/email etc.).


Hey @shrey-42!

This is sadly not possible at the movement. You can create a separate workflow that notifies you of every successful execution and use the Execute Workflow node to run this workflow.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @harshil1712, thanks for your response.

Would it be possible to pass the ‘workflow execution related’ data from the original workflow into this other workflow?
If yes, how?

Yes, you can send whatever data you want to the next workflow. Here is the documentation that might help you to get the workflow data.

I created a workflow that has a Set node a the Execute Workflow node. After this workflow is executed, it triggers the second workflow.
The second workflow has a Set node and a Function node. When this workflow executes I get the data that was passed on from the previous node.

@harshil1712 Thanks again!

One more thing: I’m a bit unclear about how to pass the data from one workflow to another.
I saw this:

So, here’s my original workflow:

As you can see, the Execute Workflow has been added correctly.

Now, here is the other workflow (id:15):

How do i access the data being passed through the Start node?

Got it!
What i was looking for is:


I am glad that it is working for you!

Have fun! :slightly_smiling_face: