Workflow Monitoring with Grafana

I need help to monitor the flow of my workflows as there are some pretty complex workflows that run automatically - i need to know, what happend.

My current approach is to scrape the backend logs with Grafana Loki, what works quiete well. But i cannot see the data that was used in the flow from node to node.

The Executions logging is quiete helpful to see the data flow from node to node, but i need to automate this.

The Execution has a number like this:

The logging in Grafana looks like this:

There is no execution number available (well not as far as i can see).

How can i combine the Execution logs with the Grafana logs?
I need to achieve to monitor a complete workflow with all data included in grafana.

To answer the question myself:
There is a great Loki Community Plugin to store data in the workflow:


Hey @rafi,

I was not aware of that community node, That is pretty neat.

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