Workflow never stop

Hello ! I have a weird problem with my n8n installation on OVH VPS, behind PLESK Server with Docker.

When i mannually execute workflow, it never stop when we manually stop it or even when we trigger webhook from postman !

Postman return that workflow got started but in n8n interface it still waiting for webhook-call forever… !

By the way, when i set the workflow active, he receive all the data and execute the workflow !

Do you have any idea why all of this happen ? It’s really more convenient to have the data test to select the good values in the good places !

Thank you !!! :pray:

Hey @Matthieu_Delhaye!

Welcome to n8n :tada:

Can you please check the configurations that are mentioned in the documentation? Also, are you using the latest version of n8n? We have fixed similar issues and shipped them with the latest version.

For your Webhook node, which URL are you using to trigger the workflow? The Webhook node has two different URLs - Production URL and the Test URL. While building your workflow please use the Test URL. This will return the data in the Editor UI. You can read more about the Webhook node on our documentation website.