Workflow nodes execution order?

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When i run this workflow, “Trigger” is active first (because “Start” is disabled), and then I can see the node “Clickup2” is running, why?
It should have been started if the “Start” node is active, but it is not.

Also, any recommendations for my flow? I’d like “Trigger+Clickup1+Sheets+Merge” to for in prod, and “Start+Clickup2+Sheets+Merge” to run for tests

Please share the workflow

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Hi @yavetal

I’m not sure if this is correct or not. Answering my assumption.

Since the ClickUp Node is connected to the Trigger Node it’s not executing.

Also, Maybe the ClickUp2 Node is added before all other remaining nodes. So it’s getting executed first.

For the flow recommendation. Why not use Set Node + IF Node to choose the flow?

@MutedJam Is there any way we can detect the Workflow is being executed manually or through automation?

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Hi, thanks for the fast answer. I’ll try to add some details.

Currently, Start is disabled, so i expect the flow to be executed: Trigger+Clickup1+Sheets+Merge
So Clickup2 node should not be executed, when i run the flow manually (with trigger). But it runs for some reason.
Probably because it is back-connected to Merge, but that’s kinda against the flow, literally.

Not sure if Clickup2 was added before or after - but that should not matter, because flow should start with either Start or Trigger and then proceed due to connections, i believe. Otherwise, connections are just not needed, if nodes are executed due to addition time :slight_smile:

Yeah, Set+if is something to consider - but that sounds like a workaround. Thanks for the suggestion tho!

PS: i’ve improved the naming a bit, so its Clickup1 and Clickup2 nodes

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Okay, Since you’re not using Start Node, I don’t see any point in why you’re connecting the node from it.

Also, Can you share your usecase? What you’re trying to achieve?

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Yeah. So, my main idea is to set the status for tasks with names listed in spreadsheet.

For prod, i expect Clickup trigger to work. Trigger returns task id.
After the trigger, i get the task details (task name) in Clickup1. After that, i get list of names from the spreadsheet and merge them (that part works fine).

For development, i expect the Start node to execute Clickup2 - it returns list of all tasks (with names). Then i run the spreadsheet node, get the tasks names and merge them.

The idea is that i can swich between dev and prod just by activating the Start/Trigger nodes

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I’ve recorded video with explanation :slight_smile:

UPD: Not playable for some reason 0_0
Paste it to the new tab and remove the space after the dot - should be fine, worked for me:

https://sharing.clickup. com/clip/p/t2537297/062b6272-f1a6-4c1f-869b-9e555bcffa25/screen-recording-2022-04-28-16:55.webm

So its just 2 flows, that i’d like to switch between, by enabling/disabling Trigger and Start nodes:

  1. Trigger (get task id) → Clickup1 (get task name) → Merge with sheets data
  2. Start → Clickup2 (get task list with names) → Merge with sheets data
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@MutedJam Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t manage to check the video yet. However, from looking at your flow and description I think you’re running into an an oddity of the Merge node here: It essentially pulls data from the other input branch. So in your example when your Google Sheets node runs the Merge node would also cause your ClickUp2 node to run.

I don’t have a great solution for this behaviour unfortunately apart from creating two separate flows (one for production use, one for testing).

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Just came across this old issue. Got addressed with this PR:

Sadly no ETA yet when it will be merged. But the latest with the hopefully soon upcoming n8n Version 1.0


New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 4238.

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