Workflows testing : best practises


Are there any recommendation for project willing to implement Continuous integration on n8n workflows ? We develop quite a lot of n8n workflows and sub-workflows. We try to have Set nodes setting “isProduction = true” everywhere, since we don’t see “environments” inside But maybe I miss something. Any ideas ? Any good practise to share ?

I have seen this : but it sounds very manual and not really scalable to me :

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: latest
  • Running n8n via

Hi @guillim, I think the team is working hard on bringing support for proper environments to n8n cloud. Perhaps @sirdavidoff can share more information on the exact plans around this?

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We are indeed working on a suite of features around CI/CD of workflows — they will be released on our enterprise plan.

Ok, do you have a timed roadmap on that ? I need to know if it’s a matter of days or years to take decisions :slight_smile:

It’s under active development now and the first version should be out in a month or two.

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