Working with Execute Workflow Trigger

Having trouble figuring out how to get executing other flows working. I’m trying to send JSON data as well as binary data to another flow. I believe its running the other flow due to the error output in executing flow, but is there a way to see the output data of the called flow in my example flow 45?

Share the output returned by the last node

Information on your n8n setup

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If this doesn’t work in a way that I can get the input data I was thinking of doing something with http request instead with another flow with a webhook listener. Only problem I’m finding with it is I’m getting an error that I think is being caused by the binary. My console looks like its trying to submit.

Hi @Philip_Wiggins

Make sure to set the subworkflow to also show executions of manual workflows. Then you can just look at the execution after it was executed.
(assuming you are doing manual executions now while developing this flow)

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