Working with Mime Type: audio/mpeg

I need help from you guys who are perfect.
I’ll start by apologizing because I used the google translator from Portuguese to English so it may be that the text is not completely clear.

I’m using ElevenLabs to generate an audio via http request, but the return comes in the Mime Type file: audio/mpeg

I would like to know how can I store this file anywhere, it can be on my hosting via ftp, it can be on AWS servers, I’m lost because I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what to do with this audio-type node response.

Hi @Guilherme_Duarte, welcome to the community!

Looks like you have a standard binary object in n8n, albeit with a somewhat unusual file name. audio/mpeg would be the MIME type of an mpga/mp3 file. So I’d do two things here:

  1. Rename your file
  2. Upload it to where you need tit to be

Here’s a quick example first fetching a dummy file similar to yours, then renaming it and lastly uploading it to an FTP location:

You can of course reference the binary item data in other nodes as well, for example to send out an email with an attachment or in case you prefer AWS S3 over FTP.

See how I did. Set Binary Property as “data” and name your file.

Boa sorte!


Sweet, that looks like the upload worked for you :slight_smile:

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