Write binary file failing with expression in the filename at the beginning of the file

Writing to a binary where the filename is computed gives problems.

Writing this:

G:\Mi unidad\07 Support\data\created - {{new Date().toISOString().replaceAll(":",".")}} - t-shirts.xls


Instead writing to this:

G:\Mi unidad\07 Support\data\{{new Date().toISOString().replaceAll(":",".")}} - t-shirts.xls


ie: If the formula comes at the “middle” of a filename it works, but at the beginnig does not.


How can I make it writes a file like this?

G:\Mi unidad\07 Support\data\2022-09-17T19.22.00.123Z - t-shirts.xls

PD: Downgrading my fan-level from 9 to 8. A basic operation like saving a file cannot be so limiting.

Hey @xmontero,

What do you see as the file name with the expression at the start? I have a few workflows that create zip files using the data at the start of the file name with no issue.

What version of n8n are you running as well? It looks like a windows path so could be npm or desktop.