Wrong docker compose command in docker compose installation

In n8n (docker compose version) installation guide you should write
docker compose up -d
to start n8n.

But this doesn’t work, because Docker compose V1 doesn’t understand docker compose, you need the hyphen: docker-compose. Meanwhile V1 is the main version for the guide, for V2 is advised as am option.

Shouldn’t it be changed? I know my subscribers asked me they can’t complete the installation because docker compose command didn’t work.

Hey @artildo,

That is a good spot we should probably update the command to install Compose so it uses the newer version.

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We should probably add a note saying that

If docker compose doesn’t work, please try docker-compose instead

But, we should also try to inform users that compose v1 is deprecated, and will be removed from docker desktop in June 2023.

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