Xero HTTP api request

I’m trying to access the Xero API via HTTP API calls. I found several posts on how to get the authentication working and that is doing what I need it to. However, I’m getting 429 too many requests whenever I try and do any get requests such as searching for a contact.

Has anyone else seen this?

Hi @Jamie_Madden - welcome to the community :tada:

Taking a peek at Xero’s api documentation, there’s a few things that it could be here. Are you by chance making more than 5 requests at once, or is your app uncertified? It looks like an uncertified app is quite limited, which might be what’s happening here if it’s rejecting any singular call to their API at all.

Hi @EmeraldHerald

Thanks for the quick reply. That’s the only calls I’m doing. Get the tenant ID and then do a contact search.

How do I check if my app is uncertified?

Hi @Jamie_Madden - I’ve never used Xero so I’m not too sure, but it looks like the link to certify your app is here: Steps to becoming an app partner — Xero Developer

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Hi @EmeraldHerald

I’ve checked the activity logs in Xero and I do appear to be hitting the API limits somehow, even though it’s just a simple contact search.

I will contact Xero support.



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