Xero node 'tax type' is not accepted by Xero when creating an invoice

Hi Guys,

I think there may be an issue with the Xero node when select to create invoice. After I upgraded from 0.171 to 0.185 the Xero Node needs ‘Tax Type’ to have a value, which is fine accept the only value that maps to Xero is ‘Tax Exempt’ all the others fail. Tried to create a value to match in Xero defaults but still no good.

Thank you!


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Hi @paul2000, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Any chance you can share your workflow and confirm the country your Xero company is set up for? Also, can you confirm the exact error you are seeing?

Hi @paul2000,

I just ran a quick test on the Xero node and seems to be working fine for me.

Any chance you can share the workflow or perhaps the specific error you are receiving?

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Hi, I am in the UK and the error is as follows:

[{“Message”:“The TaxType code OUTPUT does not exist or cannot be used for this type of transaction.”},{“Message”:“The TaxType code ‘OUTPUT’ cannot be used with account code ‘200’.”}]}]}"

Thank You!

Hi rdt, Which country is your xero account set for please? I think all the issue is is the Tax Type is matching with my UK Xero account.

Is that it do you think please?

Thank you

Hey @paul2000,

I think the best scenario would be to share the workflow, if that would be possible? You can share the workflow by just copy & paste. Refer to the link on how to Share a workflow.

Thank you

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Hi @paul2000,

I have tried the node again and it is still working for me. I think the issue here is that your actions might not be supported by Xero. You might want to give it a shot and contact Xero support. Have a look at this discussion maybe it can help you.

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Hi guys, I’m experiencing a similar issue with the Xero node. I cannot find a value for the TaxAmount field that will be accepted when creating an invoice line item. It always results in this error:

“The TaxType code OUTPUT does not exist or cannot be used for this type of transaction.”

I also have a Xero account in the UK region. I did some further investigation and the Tax Type options in the n8n node simply do not correspond to the Tax Type options in the chart of accounts in Xero. I’m guessing the options in the node are appropriate in the US region but not in others?

Hey @James_Haptivate,

Just taken a quick look and it looks like in the node we have a hard coded list of tax type, I have had a quick look at the Xero API and the ones listed are “global” and not specific to any region but it looks like for the UK we have a lot more options.

As a temporary solution can you try setting the field to Expression and popping in one of the uppercase values from Accounting API Types and Codes — Xero Developer

I will get a dev ticket created to look into making this field dynamic in a future release.

@Jon That workaround seems to do the trick - thank you. I now have a different error to work on :slight_smile:

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