XSLX to SpreadSheet Node, Encountering DATE issues

Utilizing the newest stable N8N Cloud instance, when I import XLSX or XLS to the SpreadSheet Node, the date field is always formatting to a number value.

Original Date in XLSX: 6/24/2023
When outputted in Spreadsheet Node: 45101

I think the Spreadsheet node is converting that column to a Number type, but cannot find any sort of fix?



Hi @saica, this is expected as this is the type of value Excel uses to represent dates.

Perhaps you want to try out this expression I posted a while back to convert such dates?

Still seems to work from giving this a quick go with your first value:

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Hi @MutedJam,

This works, but it also sets a date to empty cells. I could have another ‘set’ to remove that incorrect date, but I believe it would always be a moving target? Maybe it wouldn’t change if there is no value.

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