YouTube Authorization failed after 1 use?

Hello! The mods/support have been very good in responding to questions I have asked here in the past, so I’m giving it another go in the hopes that the odd phenomena I’m experiencing might be explained!

Basically, I’m receiving an “ERROR: Authorization failed - please check your credentials” message using the YouTube node. If I reconnect the YouTube OAuth2 API (by signing in again) it seems to work correctly, but only for “one use”? This can be seen below, when a video upload is successful, but then trying to add the video to a playlist results in the same “ERROR: Authorization failed - please check your credentials” error.


What could be going on here to make the OAuth2 so temperemental? Any suggestions might help me find the route cause!

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Hey @UnluckyForSome,

What version of n8n are you running? There is a known issue with 0.222.0 which stops the refresh from working so you could be seeing that.

Hey Jon, it looks like Version 0.221.2 - as this is earlier does this mean i’m effected? Thanks!

Hey @UnluckyForSome,

That version should be fine, Can you try 0.220.1 and see if that works?

It’s started behaving itself now and I haven’t changed a thing! - I think the problem may periodically be on Google’s side, who knows! Thanks for the suggestions though! Have a good day :slight_smile:

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