YouTube Refresh Token Expired?

I am using the YouTube node with the YouTube OAuth2 API to get information on a particular video that I’m tracking and while the node had previously worked before, maybe about a week, and now it seems that the token might have expired? After reconnecting the OAuth the node doesn’t get the 404 anymore. I’m wondering if I might be doing something wrong or if there is an alternative way to deal with this scenario.

I’m also thinking it may be similar to this scenario. However, if I were to try to use this method instead, I probably would have to switch from the YouTube node to a HTTP Request with a generic OAuth2 authentication?

It’s possible that the refresh token expires if the OAuth2 consent screen has the publishing status Testing

A Google Cloud Platform project with an OAuth consent screen configured for an external user type and a publishing status of “Testing” is issued a refresh token expiring in 7 days.

Apologies, I seem to have forgotten that detail. Thank you for the fast response!

No worries. Let us know if, after doing that and doing the OAuth2 flow again, the issue persists (it should not). Have fun.